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A Prophet Like Me

Unveiling the supernatural story of The Man destined to be Lamb, Lord and King of the universe.

Disclosing 2 years hidden for millennia...

Revealing the Lost Years of Jesus

After He returned with Joseph and Mary to Nazareth at age 12 - and His public reemergence at "about 30 years of age." This film focuses on 2 years in Jesus' life before beginning His revolutionary ministry.

What if you could be part of seeing millions trust in Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of the living God… and the only Way to salvation and eternal life?

Now you can! Presenting an exciting new film, A PROPHET LIKE ME (working title), allows you to be personally involved in the “grassroots” stages of production.

It unfolds Jesus’ spiritual development which ultimately explodes into His world-changing ministry.

The film depicts the demonic forces that strived to stop the world from knowing the absolute Gospel truth that makes all people free.

It conclusively proves that Jesus is the Messiah — for the “multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision!”

A Prophet Like Me is slated for a global release to potentially reap multi-billions of souls for Jesus Christ — Lord of the last-days harvest! Truly, this blockbuster film has been reserved for such end-times as these.

A-List, Faith-Based Films

Producing biblical and historically accurate original content and fresh inspiration in the spirit of excellence.

Producing biblical and historically accurate original content

and fresh inspiration in the spirit of excellence.

100+ Prophecies

The movie depicts in dramatic, A-list, Hollywood fashion 100+ Bible prophecies that foretell Messiah’s coming, and explains the critical mission of Jesus to the Jews. He came to fulfill the Law and the prophets! A Prophet Like Me imparts the God-given revelation that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah… as divinely inspired and scribed in the Law, the prophets and the psalms.

The Mission

This prophetic tool activates the New Testament, global Church as endtime evangelists to minister to four races of people… Gentiles, Muslims, Arabs and Jews!

Divine Confirmations

During the 7-year meticulous scribing of the screenplay, we experienced diverse supernatural confirmations as dreams, visions and revelations that authenticated the film’s inception, its purpose and miraculous financial support. They solidified the movies’ original vision, and reflected the Spirit-filled and prophetic content which evolved into “epic” proportions.

Orchestral & Contemporary Worship

By cutting-edge, worship leaders and worship bands. The film also spotlights the acting debut of a performer in a primary role.