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“With GOD

nothing is impossible!”

The Angel Gabriel

"With GOD nothing is impossible!"

The Angel Gabriel

Third Heaven Inspiration

On December 13, 2015, during praise and worship at a church in Naples, Florida, our Executive Producer saw an unprecedented divine vision… one invincible word… SOVEREIGN… which became the patented logo and trademark for the independent, motion picture company.

Sovereign produces biblical and historically accurate original content and fresh inspiration in the spirit of excellence… fulfilling the demand for A-list, faith-based films.

The Original Vision

Anointed, Excellent Teams

Sovereign has assembled a Production Team with more than 100 YEARS in the film industry… an A-list, Executive Management/Spiritual Team… and an intentional prayer team targeting every stage of these inspired films.


The Executive Producer, First Assistant Director, Director of Photography and Screenwriter have accrued more than 1 CENTURY in the film industry with credits in these major motion pictures: Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Every Which Way But Loose, Bronco Billy, Any Which Way You Can, Fried Green Tomatoes and Sweet Home Alabama.

Over 10 decades, they developed a delicate sense of spiritual and artistic balance as demonstrated in the faith-based, box-office hit: War Room, Extraordinary and Letters to God.


Sovereign has assembled an A-list, Executive Management/Spiritual Team to oversee all aspects of film project development. The team embodies seasoned, high integrity individuals with extensive experience at executive levels.

Their expertise ranges from a variety of platforms for Fortune 100 companies… to high-level, international, apostolic/pastoral oversight… to Hollywood, Executive Producer experience.


Intentional prayer is the foundational strategy employed at every stage of this film project — from creative development to global distribution and beyond.

We will continue to create ever-expanding opportunities to intercede for and participate in the marketing and dissemination of this vibrant production. We are partnering with God and man… for protection, creativity, favor, networking, power, and eternal fruitfulness manifested as the glory of God on earth.