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Donate, Invest & Equity Partners


We plan to utilize Kingdom financiers and the global Church to fund and distribute the movie… and to build powerful evangelism campaigns around the release of the films.

Here’s how you can be used by God in this endtime, evangelistic experience…

Father and Son artwork

donated by Danny Hahlbohm

2-3 Minute Movie Trailer – $50,000

Goal: March 31, 2024

A Prophet Like Me, Part 1 – $25,000,000

Goal: 2024–25

Our Spiritual Producers thus far…

Daniel Lonen

Fran Mangano

Harry & Sandy Cunneff

Lex & Caroline LaMotte

Ron & Val Coltman

The Cubit Foundation

Wende Jones

William H. Panko

Spiritual Producers

When a person, philanthropist, business, church and/or ministry donates to A Prophet Like Me (working title), we are strategically partnered with The Glory of God of the World, a non-for-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Each person contributing $1,000 or more will be listed as a spiritual producer in the end credits.

Budgets, Production & Venues

Production Budgets

Reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, we intend A Prophet Like Me, Parts 1 & 2 to be filmed simultaneously.

Part 1: $25M – 120 minutes
Part 2: $25M – 158 minutes

Proposed Production Schedule - Part 1

Pre-Production: 18 Weeks
Shooting Schedule: 64 days
Location Shooting: Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, USA
Post-Production: 26 weeks

Proposed Release Venues/Dates

Internet Distribution: Global Streaming on all technology devices available.

A Prophet Like Me, Part 1
3,000 national theaters – Good Friday, April 3, 2026

A Prophet Like Me, Part 2
3,000 national theaters – Good Friday, March 26, 2027

Who Benefits?

Jesus’ global Church by fulfilling The Great Commission, “Go and make disciples of all the nations….” Second, the Jewish people. Third, Arab and Muslim people.

Your Support Means...

Contributors are answers to prayer… transforming the lives and eternal destinies of potentially billions of souls. We aim to reach EVERY HUMAN BEING with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Is Anything Too Hard?

“Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for Me?”